Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Our Mission and a bit of History

In one of my classes this semester, Principles of Management, or LIS 404, or simply 404 (we librarians speak in numbers on occasion), we've been talking about planning and strategic management. More specifically, we've been talking about an organization's mission or vision. Back in the '90s it seemed that every organization, non-profit and for-profit was formulating a mission statement. Caused me to roll my eyes and groan, especially when it comes to a for-profit businees whose mission is to, well, make money! I think that formulating a mission or vision statement forces a for-profit business to think about their objectives and goals (besides the money part of it), and provides the organization with a goal. Why are we doing this? Non-profits do this too, but they're usually founded with a goal in mind in the first place.

Where am I going with this?

Back in the beginnings of this organization, in 1903, a notice was placed in the Messenger, "calling attention to the proposed organization, and asking for suggestions and cooperation from all associations of NewChurch women." (Rice, 2) On November 17th of that year, a letter was sent to every New-Church society in the United States, "It is proposed to ask the Women's Associations of the various New Church Societies to become members of this National Alliance in order that they may met as an organized body at the yearly meeting of the Convention for the comparison methods of church work, care of the sick and needy, entertainment and hospitality." (Rice, 2)

In 1904 the By-laws were presented and voted on. Article II of the by-laws reads:
"A yearly conference up on the work of women's organizations of the New Church: the promotion of intelligent methods of work within the Church for the recognition of the field for New Church influence outside of the Church organization." (Rice, 6) A bit different from how it reads today,
"The purpose of the Alliance shall be to promote the life of charity among the women of the church through spiritual development, practical service and fellowship with women in the world at large. "(Rice, vii)

Rice, Ethel V. A History of the Alliance of New-Church Women. National Alliance of New Church Women. 1992.

So, that's our mission or goal. How do we do this?

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