Thursday, August 27, 2009

Proyecto Hispanaya Mission

[Rev. Carla Friedrich of the San Diego, CA church has sent me a lot of information about Proyecto Hispanaya. The 2010 Mite Box will go to San Diego for their efforts to assist Proyecto Hispanaya. The photo is of the Mexican ministers involved in this project. ]

The Proyecto Hispanaya Mission:
We are a group of people with a humanitarian philosophy and a common purpose in
donating our time and experience to Proyecto Hispanaya, A.C. (Hispanaya Project, non-profit).
We offer people who do not have the economic resources various services such as: medical
health, family counseling, moral and spiritual counseling, and vocational training.

We began offering services in the medical field such as general health services, drug abuse prevention and treatment, and OB/GYN services by Dr. Josefina Camacho Valdés, who is also a certified homeopathic doctor, and surgeon. Reflexology treatment and therapeutic massages are offered by Manuel Martinez Zarzosa, who is certified in reflexology.

As part of our family counseling services we offer prevention and treatment for domestic violence, individual, and group counseling. Psychological counseling is conducted by Rubén
Cado Palacios, Clinical Psychologist and Department Coordinator for the organization, and
Jesus Zarzosa, Educational Psychologist and Criminologist. The moral and spiritual guidance is coordinated and offered through Rev. Hugo Cambrany Diaz.

Computer repair and maintenance is part of the vocational training that is offered and Tony
Fernandez, who is a certified computer technician will be the instructor and coordinator of this

The music lessons are coordinated by Sabino Martinez Zarzosa, CPA and current president of our association. Sabino was the founder of Camerata de la Universidad Autonomade Baja California (Chamber Orchestra of the Universidad Autonoma de Baja California) and is a member of the Ensamble Musical y Voces "Laudate Domine" (musical ensemble and voices
"Laudate Domine") where he plays the violin and viola.

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