Thursday, March 4, 2010

Annual Appeal Letter

Dear Members and Friends of the Women’s Alliance,
Spring is on its way! There are buds on my lilac bush and the daffodils are poking out of the ground. It’s been an unusual winter here in New England. We hardly have any snow on the ground and we’ve had milder temperatures than normal.

What does Spring mean for the Women’s Alliance? In addition to thinking about our upcoming annual meeting and luncheon at Convention this summer, it means it’s time to raise funds for the many programs that we support.

This year the Mite Box funds will go to the San Diego church to assist them in their outreach efforts in Mexico. They have been working with Proyecto Hispanaya in Tijuana. Proyecto Hispanaya consists of a Clinic and Learning Center providing health education and psychological support to school aged children and families. If you want to learn more about Proyecto Hispanaya, visit their blog at

Our fund-raising efforts also help support the SCYL. I really enjoy keeping up with the Leaguers on their blog, Facebook, and Clear Blue Sky. Looking at their photos from the Columbus Day weekend retreat at Blairhaven or winter retreat at Almont brings back fond memories of watching the sunset over Kingston Bay, hikes to Myles Standish monument, long van rides through snowstorms in New York State, and stopping at Niagra Falls.  Relive your teen years in the youth league too by visiting the SCYL blog at

We also support our camps.  For many of us the arrival of Spring also means thinking about summer camp! Whether your summer camp is Fryeburg New Church Assembly,  Almont Summer School or Paulhaven, we all look forward to camp like giddy children. 

Please help us to continue to support the youth league, summer camps, Swedenborgian House of Studies, and Mite Box by sending in your donation today.  Use the enclosed form to send in your membership dues and donation.
Checks can be made to:
North American Alliance of New Church Women.

Sincerely yours,




State:_________________ Zip Code:_____________

Email Address:___________________________________________________________

Member Church/Society Affiliation: ____________________________________________

Amount Donated: _______ Dues ($5.00):______ General Fund: ______Mite Box:_______


Gloria Toot, Treasurer
10280 Gentlewind Drive
Montgomery, OH 45242-5813

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