Monday, June 15, 2009

Pre-Convention Conference Call

Pat (our secretary), Jeannette (our out-going treasurer), Barb (Mite Box chair), Jenn (Communications chair) & I (President) met via conference call on Saturday morning. It's always funny trying to get used to talking to more than one person at a time and trying to figure out voices. Conference calls a great though. We get a lot accomplished and you can have a meeting in the comfort of your home (and maybe even in your pajamas! ;-))

We discussed:
  • A program for our annual meeting and luncheon. This is something that was done many years ago and got phased out. We're trying to revive it.
  • How to integrate "newbies" into our meeting.
  • Changing the fiscal to a calendar year to be voted on next year.
  • Ideas for Mite Box 2010.
  • A funeral for Round Robin.
  • A Google website for Executive Committee members to share documents.
It was a good meeting and we're all looking forward to being in Seattle. Except for Jeannette who can't attend! We'll miss her!

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